What is QuizFaber?

Is a freeware software for Windows that enables you to create multimedia quizzes as HTML documents. This program simplifies quiz-making in HTML without any prior knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.

Download latest release

DownloadQF 3.0.6

Main new features (16 December 2014)

  • New installing software procedure with only Windows User privileges (not administrator), compatible with most recent antivirus softwares.
  • Bugs fixing: error in saving the "mark round" (menu Quiz > Properties), if was different from 1.
  • Bugs fixing: by default, the highest number of questions changes from 999 to 9999 (but it could be increased as you wish).

Next releases

QuizFaber for LINUX
(with Mono)

QuizFaber 3.1
Expected date of next release:
  January 2015

DatabaseSupport to relational databases (data quiz into tables) : Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL....